Crystal L. CochrenWelcome to Quilts for Little Angels. I am Crystal Cochren and I created the Quilts for Little Angels project in January 2020 to create quilts and donate them to infants and toddlers. I have been sewing and quilting for several years. Baby quilts are some of my favorite quilts to create. Charity quilting is an important activity for me.

This project is not sponsored by any group or organization. I fund this project with my own money. I buy all of the fabric, thread and supplies on my own.

The mission of Quilts for Little Angels is to donate quilts to child care centers that are located within domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, substance abuse treatment facilities and other organizations that focus on the care, nurture or education of children.

The goal of Quilts for Little Angels is to provide the infants and toddlers in those child care facilities with some handcrafted love to comfort them.

To stay in the loop, join the Quilts for Little Angels mailing list.

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